I would suggest AMP authors who have been stiffed by Ms. Hicks go to this November 9, 2011 Huffington Post article which lays out the authorities/entities to whom AMP authors can contact to get some help in dealing with this publisher. I worked with the reporter to get that article published. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/09/aspen-mountain-press-shut-down_n_1084382.html?1320865960.

My husband received a response from the Denver Better Business Bureau – a response to the snail mail letter which he sent to them setting forth the problems at AMP. The BBB letter stated my husband’s complaint has been assigned a case number. It stated that they have reviewed his case and have forwarded it to the business (AMP / Hicks) for the business’ response. It stated that if the business does not respond to his complaint by November 17, a second letter will be sent to the company. The letter encouraged my husband to use their Online Complaint System to keep up with the progress of this complaint, giving my husband a password to use along with the case number. The letter stated the BBB “appreciates the opportunity to work with you and the business to resolve this matter efficiently and to your mutual satisfaction.”

You are writers. Please write to these public law enforcement entities referred to in the Huffington Post article (the Colorado Office of Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section, the IRS, the Denver BBB and the IC3 Center at www.Ic3.gov which is a multi-agency consisting of the FBI, Dept of Justice and the National White Collar Crime Center charged with the prevention of cybercrimes) so that they may HELP you. The MORE authors they hear from, the more concerned they will become and all the more swift will their actions be (hopefully).  There IS power in numbers.  AMP authors need to unite in a common goal to be given their book rights back to them as well as any and all contracts nullified.  My best to you!